Host's greatest difficulties

viele Gäste
The host wants high visibility and a high number of bookings for the accommodation. The host therefore commits to various OTA - 'Online Travel Agency' transaction platforms, which, because of their position, demand extremely high commissions.
Bookings are made through one or more intermediaries.
Communication between host and guest is limited and complex.
Prices and contract conditions are imposed by the OTAs. Administration is complicated.
The payment and financial reporting of online bookings are unclear, the control of actual expenses is difficult.
Starre Angebotsstruktur
Rigid configuration of the offer.
Commissions - price dictatorship - price dumping
High commissions (sometimes up to €5,000-10,000 per month to optimise occupancy) and unclear commission structure
Result = more turnover → less profit
Mehraufwand für Mapping
Surcharges for mapping
Poor support from OTAs
Additional marketing costs
Unclear user interface and complicated data entry system (back office)
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